Visma CX 360



CX 360 is a complete voice-of-customer platform for measuring and developing customer
experience across all channels and touchpoints. It enables you to pinpoint processes and
crucial KPI’s that drive employee and customer experience, and truly make an impact in your

With feedback software that is easy to deploy and integrate into any business system, and
covers standardized measuring methods like NPS, CES and CSAT for contact center
environments and many other areas, you can be sure to get a truly comprehensive view on
your customer experience and business. Catching any weak signals early and accurately
ensures happier people and smoother operations.


CX 360 for CC

CX 360 for CC gives you real-time, quantified information on the performance of your contact center and customer facing processes.

You can easily detect any development needs, act before things escalate and ensure your customer service stays consistently at an excellent level.


CX 360 for ERP & CRM

Take advantage of actionable customer insight, no matter the business or system. Improve customer experience, increase productivity and save resources.

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The Visma Flow CX360 is a complete platform for measuring and developing customer experience across...