The New Era of Customer Service

Providing technology and best practices

We help your company to grow

Develop customer service

Improve the quality and efficiency of your customer service. Manage your multi-channel customer service to get the maximum of your resources, and use our tools to further develop your service.

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Contact center solution

An intelligent contact center system provides support for the entire customer service operation. Using Provad’s solutions, you can facilitate the work of customer service agents and the customer service management.

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Measure service quality

Develop measurements. You will get efficient tools, enabling you to obtain results that can be put to good use. You will raise the bar for your operations, and have more satisfied customers.

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Increase sales

Increase your sales. Improve conversion by using customer understanding provided by analytics. Raise sales volume by stepping up process efficiency.

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Marketing automation

Improve marketing efficiency and measurement. Gather and use critical customer information. Implement targeted and timely customer communication.

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Improve customer experience

Create a seamless customer experience across the various channels and points of contact. Know your customer and provide them with personalized service. Build your organization to be truly customer-centric.

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