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YTK ensured service availability during the corona spring with the help of CC Suite platform

YTK Unemployment Fund already insures about one in four Finnish employees against unemployment, meaning there are almost 500,000 members in the fund.

YTK wants to provide income security with as uncomplicated and caring an attitude as possible, which is why excellent customer experience is at the heart of YTK’s work. Even just over the phone, they have thousands of touchpoints with their members every week.

YTK’s partner in developing their service, Visma AI Works, has a multi-channel contact center solution that has helped YTK staff, especially in dealing with the massive number of contacts brought about by the coronavirus situation.

“Visma AI Works’ scalable system has been especially important now during the coronavirus pandemic. We hired nearly a hundred people to ease the backlog and have also been able to provide them with the necessary tools very quickly,” says Seppo Turunen, YTK's Director of Information Management.

The explosive increase in remote working has brought new demands to the work of team leaders. The dashboards implemented by Visma AI Works have been very helpful. With the dashboards, team leaders see real-time information about the entire organization and their team, and are able to respond to rapidly changing situations.

Visma CC Suite services used by YTK in a nutshell:

- Certified voice server environment Multi-channel customer service solution
- Integrations with YTK backend systems
- Reporting services (history and real-time)
- Maintenance and development services

For nearly 10 years, Visma AI Works has been a part of providing and developing excellent customer experiences for YTK members, and this successful collaboration will continue on into the future.