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Tailoring Contact Center Services For Svea Group

At Svea Group, Visma Flow CC Suite has improved work performance, boosted the quality of customer service and created an excellent tool for team leaders to manage the work of a large number of customer service agents.

Svea Group began cooperation with Visma AI Works in Sweden in 2018, when Svea Ekonomi introduced the Visma Flow CC Suite contact center in three of their offices. 

Using speech, email and chat and intelligent service ticket routing has made the work of customer service agents easier and more efficient.

Svea Group praises Visma AI Works for smoothly tailoring services for the Svea environment and introducing entirely new services that help their customers and employees.

Svea also values the exceptional commitment to customers: Visma AI Works has dedicated resources to serve Svea full time. 

Expanding Cooperation To The Nordics

Thanks to the positive customer experience, Svea Group expanded cooperation with Visma AI Works in Finland in 2020 when Svea Perintä Oy piloted a customer service system.

During a period of six weeks, the CC Suite contact center proved itself, showing what it was capable of and, as a result, it was permanently adopted. The plan is to expand the service: launch new service channels and introduce reporting and dashboards.

Svea Group is planning to start using Visma AI Work' services in its contact centers in other Nordic countries, too. 

The Value Of Svea x Visma

Visma AI Works has demonstrated exceptional commitment to Svea as a customer and provided unique value by 

  • Proactively introducing the right services at the right time.
  • Tailoring services to Svea's needs and requirements.
  • Offering short response times and dedication to their customers.
This has created a strong bon between the partner and a profitable collaboration that has boosted the quality and efficiency of Svea's customer service, not to mention produced happier employees and customers.

On both sides, Svea Group and Visma AI Works have highly competent and committed people who have together generated results that both companies are more than happy with and proud of.  

Both Svea and Visma are happy with the cooperation and results.