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Svea Perintä Oy

Cooperation with the Svea Group began in Sweden in early 2018, when Svea Ekonomi chose Visma AI Works as their supplier of services used for customer communication. Introduction of the Visma AI Works CC Suite contact center in late 2018 at three of their offices clearly improved the work performance of customer service personnel and created an excellent tool for team leaders to manage the work of a large number of customer service agents.

Use of speech, email and chat and intelligent routing of tickets has made the work of customer service agents easier and more efficient. Visma AI Works has been praised for its ability and desire to modify its services to support the Svea environment efficiently, and to introduce entirely new services that customers need. Svea has also been very happy with Visma AI Works being able to commit its own resources full-time to serve Svea. 

Thanks to these good experiences, cooperation with Svea Group expanded in Finland in 2020, when a customer service system was piloted with Svea Perintä Oy in Sastamala. During a period of six weeks, CC Suite contact center showed what it was capable of, and as a result it was permanently adopted. In late 2020, the service will be expanded by, for example, increasing the number of service channels and introducing reporting and metrics services.

Svea Group has planned to start using Visma AI Works solution at its contact centers also in other offices in the Nordic countries. 

Highly competent and committed people, the right kind of services, short response times and the ability to understand customers’ needs and provide services for them have created a strong bond between the partners. Both parties are very happy with the cooperation and the results.