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Measure the tenant experience in real time – Visma Tampuuri and Visma AI Works team up

Visma Tampuuri and Visma AI Works have begun collaboration in early 2020.

CX 360 is a complete platform from Visma AI Works for measuring and developing customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. In Tampuuri’s case it serves as an automated tool which gives a real-time analysis of how well matters have been handled from the tenants’ perspective.

With this tool, landlords can collect feedback automatically from tenants as they move in and out, and whenever they make service requests and fault reports. It also makes general tenant satisfaction surveys easy to do. Feedback is automatically saved on a cloud-based visual dashboard, providing an intuitive, data-based view of the service chain’s performance, and enabling its development.

”We collect feedback from tenants in real time, so that landlords and real estate management companies can spot the weakest and strongest links in the service chain. By improving the weakest links, tenant satisfaction can be improved, enhancing tenant retention and the profitability of the rental property. Landlords showed clear interest in the service even before it was launched.”

– Mikko Hyvärinen, Director, Product Management, Visma Tampuuri

All Tampuuri users can download the tool directly into Tampuuri, as an additional service.

CX 360 enables the viewing of a property from the tenant’s perspective

We wanted to include a tenant experience measurement tool in Tampuuri as a direct extension of the related processes, because this means sending feedback questionnaires to tenants at the right time, as soon as their fault reports have been actioned. Once the data has been saved on the dashboard, you can use a range of sorting functions on the basis of criteria such as property, service provider and fault type.

The process is as follows:

  1. A tenant makes a fault report on the Tampuuri tenant pages
  2. When the maintenance company logs the job as done, the tenant receives a satisfaction questionnaire by email or SMS
  3. The tenant answers the questionnaire, providing valuable information on how things went and what could be done better in the property or service chain

When moving in and out, the tenant receives the appropriate questionnaire about the move.

“Direct feedback from tenants brings an added dimension to service and property development. We too often view matters through the company’s processes or services, looking from the inside out, even though tenants see things from the opposite end. Feedback helps you to see things from the tenant’s viewpoint.”

– Tuukka Heinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management, Visma AI Works


Feedback from tenants enriches the “hard data” available in Tampuuri, enabling you to view the service chain’s performance through the tenant’s eyes. You can see what kinds of issues result in a particular customer experience and which matters are important to tenants. Feedback can be used to initiate major development projects or to make small and instant improvements to the property and service chain.

The overall aim is to improve the tenant experience and thereby tenant retention and the profitability of the rental property.


From passive development to proactive improvement of the tenant experience

The tenant experience is based on overall service-chain performance. How quickly are tenants’ fault reports handled? Are repairs done with the appropriate skill and service? Is negative feedback always about a certain party or fault type?

Feedback quickly shows how the service chain and various parties operate, making it easy to fix whatever is not working and develop your own operations and those of your partners. You cannot change the location of your property, but you can make it more attractive by improving the tenant experience.

Benefits of tenant experience

  • Tenants want to stay in the property for longer
  • Tenants want to take better care of the property
  • Tenant want to help by being active
  • The owner’s reputation as a landlord improves and the property gains a better reputation
  • Time, trouble, and money are saved
  • The property’s profitability grows

“Nowadays, people can browse through options and make choices more quickly and easily than ever before. That is why continuously and actively requesting feedback is one of the most effective tools for ensuring that your property remains attractive to tenants.”

– Tuukka Heinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management, Visma AI Works

Questionnaires are also an excellent way to provide a channel for tenant participation in the development of a building, which improves the tenant experience since home is everyone’s number-one place.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hear more about how CX360 could help your business.