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Provad is now Visma AI Works!

The journey of Provad started almost seventeen years ago. We have re-innovated
our business three times during our existence, but what has remained constant is
our work for better service, experiences and ways of working. Joining the great
Visma family in early 2019 was an opportunity to make Provad an even stronger
company, and our ambitions for what we want to achieve in the world also grew.
With this it was also time to give the company a new name, one which truly
embodies our new direction – Visma AI Works.
Under the new name we will start our journey to improve all the customer processes
of businesses with intelligent automation, comprehensive contact center tools and a
360 degree customer experience solution. By doing this, we’re enabling more time
for meaningful work and human interaction.
We will work hard to achieve our goals to be one of the most recognized players in
the AI business in Visma markets. We have the people, customers and technologies
needed for this, but to get better every day requires us to focus on our core values:
Care – We take care of each other and our customers, since satisfied employees and
customers are the cornerstones of our business. We also want to enable meaningful
work for everyone, both our own people and the employees of our customers.

Impact – We do things that have an impact and leave a positive mark. Our expertise
and passion drive us towards solving problems, no matter their complexity. At the
end of the day, we want to be a part of building a better world.

Improvement – We experiment and innovate boldly and learn every day. We are
always looking for opportunities to do things better and improve our technologies.
The future is unclear, but we always try to look two steps ahead.

Your business and ease of mind is our concern. So if you want to hear more about
how we can help you build smoother operations while improving employee and
customer satisfaction, give us a call. We also have a lot of amazing customer stories,
interesting news and other things coming up, so we hope to see you back soon.

Yours sincerely,
Visma AI Works team